Shears Green Infant School

As of 13th September all reception children will finish at 3-3.15pm. Jeans for Genes day will be on 17th September, all donations very welcome. We look forward to welcoming you to our parents evenings held on 13th & 14th October 2021.

Happy Confident achievers

Thursday 14.1.21


Your childs class teacher would love to see photos of them doing their work or to hear how they are getting on. The emails to send to are:


You can access work with a games console if you have one.

How to access via Xbox

  1. Go into my games and apps
  2. Find Microsoft Edge
  3. Find the school website through Edge and follow the links to the work.


How to access via PlayStation

  1. Find the PlayStation internet browser (WWW surrounded by dots) in the main menu.
  2. Access the school website using this and click the links to find the work.


Talk 4 Writing

Lesson - Link 1, Link 2

Power Point - Link 1Link 2

Challenge Sheet - Link 1Link 2

Story Map - Link 1Link 2

Writing - Link 1Link 2

Stick Puppets - Link 1Link 2

Word Tracing - Link 1Link 2



Lesson Plan - Link 1Link 2

Lesson 1 - Link 1, Link 2

Lesson 2 - Link 1, Link 2



Lesson Plan - Link 1Link 2

Lesson - Link 1Link 2



Lesson Link 1Link 2


Guided Writing

Lesson - Link 1, Link 2


Fine Motor/ Handwriting

Lesson - Link 1, Link 2



Mrs Burnett - Link 1Link 2

Mrs Shakespear - Link 1Link 2

Mrs French - Link 1, Link 2

Mrs Cave-Brown - Link 1, Link 2


If there is more you would like to do with your child we have provided some links to a mixture of resources. Some can be done online and some can be done practically.

Alphablocks -

Numberblocks -

Childrens Youtube -

Practical Maths Activities -

Free Ebooks for children -


If you would like to learn more about what else your child can be learning at home then a brilliant document to look at is 'Development Matters' which can be found HERE.