Shears Green Infant School

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Happy Confident achievers

Singing Club


Singing Club meets on Wednesdays at lunchtime for Year 2 children.

Term 4

Use the links below to practise the songs we have been singing this term:

Sunshine in my heart...



Term 5 and 6


In singing club we've been rehearsing ready for a performance at the

Northfleet Schools' Trust Launch Concert on Wednesday 28th June.


We have been learning "We'll be coming round the mountain" with added actions!

Music club have been practising too. They are going to accompany us! 


Use the words below to help you to practise each verse:


We'll be coming round the mountain when she comes...

We'll be riding six white horses when she comes.... (pretend to ride a horse)

Oh we'll all come out to meet her when she comes... (wave)

We'll be having chicken and dumplings when she comes.. (flap your arms like a chicken's wings)

Singing aye, aye yippee... (swing your lasso in the air)



Watch this space for how our performance went......





The children performed brilliantly at the Northfleet Schools' Trust Launch Concert. They have been rewarded with a treat filled golden time and have each received a congratulatory certificate.


Well done Singing Club, we are very proud of you!