Shears Green Infant School

Year 1 & Year 2 children return to school on Wednesday 2nd September 2020. Under the Parent Link you will be able to find the NHS Track and Trace Link.

Happy Confident achievers

Singing Club


Singing Club meets on Thursdays at lunchtime for Year 2 children.

Have a go at singing some of the songs we have learnt in the past!


Use this link to learn to sing   "Sunshine in my heart..."

 Use this link to learn to sing  "H.E.L.L.O."



Singing Club participate in lots of different opportunities to sing.


These have included:

Singing to the Mayor at Christmas Dinner at The Woodville Halls

Performing at the Northfleet Schools Trust Concerts 

Singing at St Mary's Church Christmas Fair 

Entertaining the Elderly visitors having their Christmas Dinner at school