Shears Green Infant School

Congratulations to our school community on passing 'The Leading Parent Partnership Award' - A national standard for effective parent partnership .

Happy Confident achievers

Northfleet Schools Co-operative Trust


Shears Green Infant School is part of the Northfleet Schools Co-Operative Trust


Northfleet Schools Co-Operative Trust was officially formed in June 2017; however schools had been working closely together before this time.


Our Trust is a collaboration between 2 Secondary, 5 Primary and a Nursery School, all located within Northfleet, Kent. This initiative developed from schools who wanted to work closely together and support each other in their drive for excellence, whilst maintaining their own individual school identities.


Our vision is to achieve substantial and sustained improvement of standards across a dynamic learning community where all the young people in Northfleet and the surrounding area have their needs met.


We want to ensure that local school remain accountable to local people, this will be the case for all the schools in the trust. Irrespective of which school our young people attend, we see them as our shared responsibility.


Please visit the website for more information