Shears Green Infant School

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Term 2- Memory Box


Class 5 Christmas video

Class 6 Christmas video

Class 7 Christmas video 

Class 8 Christmas video

We had a super first day back for Term 2.We had our toys impact day. We looked at lots of different puppets and we made some of our own. We made some cone puppets, shadow puppets and finger puppets. We also used the laptops to design our own toys.

We had a lovely time learning how to sew using a running stitch. We learnt how to thread a needle and then how to use a running stitch to sew two pieces of material together to make our hand puppets.

We had an amazing PJ day, full of magical treats. We enjoyed talking about and watching a film in the afternoon with our hot chocolate and biscuits. Mrs Rook made us some special snowman biscuits. 

Class 7 had a super time exploring old and new toys. We noticed differences in them such as the materials they were made from. We all loved playing with the old Nintendos and spinning tops!

We made lots of puppets this term including cone puppets. We used our folding, cutting, sticking and colouring skills to make them

In maths we have been learning about measure. We explored capacity, length and weight. We measured Christmas decorations and estimated the puzzle size different containers would make.

We have loved exploring Forest School this term. We love playing in the leaves and collecting things in our wheelbarrows.

In Term 2 Class 6, we sewed puppets. We had fun choosing colours and designing the smiley face. 

Class 6 was sent Reindeer food from Santa. We discussed the instructions and time connectives before making the food. We also made a wish when we tied the bag, it was exciting!

During Maths we explored the classroom for different shapes. We found triangles, rectangles and squares. We then discussed the properties of these shapes.

Have a look at what Class 5 have been doing during this term. We have had lots of fun in maths, the forest school and our science lessons!