Shears Green Infant School

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Happy Confident achievers

Tuesday 12th May 2020


There are 17 words with the 'ir' sound in. See if you can find all 17 and write them down. Try to put the words into a super sentence using a capital letter, finger spaces, adjectives, connective- 'and' or 'because' and a full stop.  



Below you will find a sheet of numbers to divide by 5. Just like yesterday, the numbers get a bit trickier as you work your way down so make sure you are choosing numbers that will challenge you :)

You will also find a sheet with 5 sharing circles. You can use plates or bowls, or draw your own instead.

Your challenge today is to find out if the blue numbers can all be divided by 5. Can you explain how you know if they can or cannot? Remember that each group needs to be equal. 

Foundation subject- Art