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Happy Confident achievers

Monday 11th May 2020


There are 10 words with the 'ea' sound in. See if you can find all 10 and write them down. Try to put the words into a super sentence using a capital letter, finger spaces, adjectives, connective- 'and' or 'because' and a full stop.  

There are some other words which also have the 'ea' sound in but they are spelt differently. Using the Phonics Speed Sound chart see if you can spot the other words which make the 'ea' sound but are not written using the ea graphemes. 


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Below you will find some numbers to divide by 2. Write a number sentence once you have shared your counters into 2 groups.

You can use the sharing sheet below or use plates, bowls, baskets or draw your own instead.

Your challenge is to investigate odd and even numbers. I have given you some odd numbers to try sharing by 2, and some even numbers to try sharing by 2. Do all the numbers work? Remember that each group needs an equal amount...

Foundation subject- Art