Shears Green Infant School

11th June 2021 - Due to a technical issue we are unable to receive emails. Please contact the school via telephone or person. Hands......Face.......Space.......Fresh air........ Our updated risk assessment is available under the more tab, parents tab. Under the Parent tab you will also be able to find the NHS Track and Trace Link.

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Supporting Your SEND Child

Learning resources can be downloaded from this website for free.



Some of our children have been following the BEAM program. Please follow the links to try out some of the exercises.


To develop fine motor skills try some of the activities suggested by the Fizzy or Clever Hands programmes.

 Social stories and comic-strip conversations can support children with ASD in understanding the world around them.

Our speech and language therapist – Alice Monaghan has suggested the following activities to help your child.

  •  Bubbles

Create opportunity for your child to: take turns, ask for help (opening bubbles), practice anticipatory skills (ready, steady, go!), develop joint attention (say ‘look’ when bubble bursts, see if child looks back at you), use language (bubbles, more, pop, blow), comment on colour/size of bottles, label body parts where bubbles land.

  • Obstacle Course

Create opportunity for your child to: follow/give instructions, hear and use positional language (in, out, under, over, on, off, through, next to, left, right), say targeted speech sounds at different points in the course, describing a picture at different points of the course. This motivates the children and makes resources more fun.

  • Reading

Create opportunity for your child to: listen, engage in joint attention (look at the book, look at you, then look back at the book again), hear and use rhythm and rhyme, fill in words (e.g. twinkle, twinkle, little _____), hear and use adjectives (silly, colourful, soft, stripey), understand and answer questions, comment, follow a story sequence and retell the story, have fun with sounds and letters.

  • Cooking and Baking

Create opportunity for your child to: follow/give instructions (before/after, prepositions, quantity add a lot/a few/many chocolate chips to the bowl), listen, practice sequencing, hear and use vocabulary (measure, scoop, stir, slice), understand and use complex language such as comparative (size small, smaller, smallest), sorting by category (veg, fruit, cold, meat).

  • Toilet Roll Crafts

Create opportunity for your child to: follow/give instructions, listen, practice sequencing (first, next, last), hear and use vocabulary (colours, shapes, glue, eyes, legs, top, bottom, long, short), hear and use verbs (cut, stick, colour, draw, walk, jump, run, dance).

The document below contains lots of practical ideas to keep your child busy.  This was kindly sent to us by Claire Nordally from the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service.