Shears Green Infant School

Friday 25th May is the last day of this term. Children return to school on Monday 4th June 2018.

Happy Confident achievers

Term 6- Turrets and Tiaras 

In term 6 we will  continue our learning journey as we head into the topic of Turrets and Tiaras. 

We will be learning about  kings, queens and castles. We will be locating different castles in the UK and also learning the four countries, including the  capital cities for the UK and the surrounding seas.

We will also be finding answers to simple questions about the past using different sources.

We've had an amazing first day back. We were very lucky to have a visitor called Mr Gibson. He showed us how to make a castle turret and castle walls out of clay. We made them look like castle ruins. Have a look at our fantastic sculptures.  



 To find out more about kings, queens and castles, click on the images below.