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Term 4

Totally Terrific Toys!


In term 4 we will continue our learning journey as we dive into the topic of 'Totally Terrific Toys' which will include learning all about the history of toys and how they are made. 

We started our topic with an exciting visit from a Toy Drama Company. We travelled back to the Victorian times and looked at the sorts of toys children used to play. We also dressed up as Victorian children and pretended to work in a toy factory, looking at how they made different toys, including the different materials used. We compared the toys and materials used then to what we have now. 

We also learnt how to use and play the different toys. It was lots of fun!

One of our favourites was the Jack in a box.


During this term as part of our PE we had a 'Stomp' workshop, where we learnt how to use our hands and feet to make lots of different noises.

We learnt a dance sequence with lots of different moves. 


During Maths we learnt how to divide. We used pasta to help us share to work out division problems.

We learnt how to divide using circles and dots to help us record our work and to help us work out answers.


Also during Maths we learnt about Right Angles.We learnt that they are angles that measure 90 degrees. 

We used a 'Right Angled Monster' to help us find right angles in our classroom. Have a look at what we found.   


During our Computing lessons we learnt about algorithms (precise instructions). We used and navigated Beebots to different places on mats. When our instructions were wrong we 'debugged' (corrected) our instructions. 



To end our term we made our own cars. We used saws to cut dowelling rods to 20cm each and we decorated our cars. 


Here is a useful link to find out more about toys. You can read information and play interactive games! 


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