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Advance notice : Friday 1st December own clothes day - donation of £1.00 towards Christmas Fayre and Friday 8th December - own clothes day - donation - chocolate and bottles, Thursday 16th November is our next open afternoon for September 18 intake. 15th November Maths workshop for key stage 1 & 2 starting at 1.30pm until 3.00pm.

Happy Confident achievers

Term 3- Jaws and Claws! 

In term 3 we will  continue our learning journey as we dive into the terrifying topic of Jaws and Claws.

We will be learning about dinosaurs and how they used to live and where.

We will then be locating these different places onto a map. 

We will also look at fossils and how they are made.

We will be enjoying stories such as ‘Katie and the Dinosaurs’ to get the children’s imaginations going.   


We started our topic with an exciting visit to 'Dinosaurland' inside an Astrodome. There we learnt all about dinosaurs including about their diet, habitat and why they no longer roam the earth.

We got to hold real fossils and dinosaur claws. We even held a fossil of a dinosaur poo!!  


In our D&T lesson we created a game based on a previous plan. We worked together in our Disney groups. We made our own versions of the game Twister.  As a class we came up with a few new names. These were Dinosaur Twist and Dinosaur Twister.   


In our Maths lesson we learnt about multiplication and using arrays to help us. We had a variety of real life arrays like chocolate bars, bun tins, ice cube trays, our class carpet, Numicon and many more. We used the arrays to help us write a multiplication sentence and to work out the answers. 


In class we had a range of fiction and non-fiction books. We had to sort them into two piles. Once we sorted the books we had an activity where we worked in Disney groups to sort the features of fiction and non-fiction books.


During our Creative Week we learnt poems, rehearsed them, added actions to them and added sound to them too!

Watch us perform our poems.  



What do you call a dinosaur with one eye?