Shears Green Infant School

Advance notice : Friday 1st December own clothes day - donation of £1.00 towards Christmas Fayre and Friday 8th December - own clothes day - donation - chocolate and bottles, Thursday 16th November is our next open afternoon for September 18 intake. 15th November Maths workshop for key stage 1 & 2 starting at 1.30pm until 3.00pm.

Happy Confident achievers

Term 6 2017


This term will be participating in a variety of mini topics.  Our first mini topic is called 'Outdoor Adventurers'.  We have been looking at the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' and using our outdoor space to role play the story.  We had to watch out for the wolf!

As part of our 'Outdoor Adventurers' topic, we also visited the Cyclopark.  We all had so much fun learning new skills on our bikes such as how to turn corners safely and how to be 'pedal ready'.


Class 11 have had an amazing year.  We think they look fab in their leavers t-shirts!