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Year 1 2018-2019

Term 1

Come fly with me!

Welcome to year 1.


In term 1, we will be starting our exciting learning journey finding out about superheroes and villains!

We will also be looking at a real life superhero. The superhero we will be focusing on is Florence Nightingale.

We will be looking at healthy living and what makes a good balanced diet (which is extremely important for a superhero or villain). 


We will be focusing on a book called Supertato- Run, Veggies, Run! by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. 


The whole of year 1 will be having PE on Wednesday's and Friday's.


We've had an amazing first week back at school!

We have all settled in well and are looking forward to all of the new exciting things we are going to learn.


We had a Superhero Impact day where we moved to different classrooms to carry out different superhero activities.

We made magical potions that when used outside gave us special powers such as super speed and super strength. We had lots of fun making them. The magic trick was to put our finger into the potion in order for it to work.

We also made masks and capes to help us to look like real superheroes. We had to carefully think about what colours we wanted to use and what symbols we wanted for our logo, so that everyone could recognise who we were.

We learned how to navigate Beebots around a map to help save all the people in need. We had to try and find the quickest route to the danger!

We had a super time learning about Florence Nightingale in our workshop. We got to dress up as soldiers and nurses. We smelt lots of different herbs and soap and we also got to hold lots of different artefacts.

We learnt lots of different facts and one of our favourite ones were that she was known as the Lady of the Lamp.

Class 5 had a super time learning about Florence Nightingale and spending the day being super heroes!

Below are some websites you may want to have a look at for some superhero activities or for information about Florence Nightingale:

Year 1 Homework grid.